Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pet Food's Mystery Meat

Our kittens: Galaxy and Ginger

We have heard it from our vet’s assistant and other pet owners. “You should never feed your cat human food.” We don’t listen to the conventional wisdom because we are smart enough to do the research to see what they can share and what they can’t from our table and that is what they eat. Then I found something about four weeks ago that confirmed we are making the right decision regarding our cats. I am sure some of you remember wondering what "mystery meat" was when seeing that on the school cafeteria menu in school. Well, as it turns out, pets have their own mystery meat. “In a new study that tested 52 pet-food products, researchers found that 20 were potentially mislabeled, and 16 contained meat that was not indicated on the packaging.” Among the stuff included in the mislabeled foods were chicken, beef, pork, turkey, and lamb. Some of the meat in the pet food was not even included on the label, with pork being the worst.

So what do we give our cats if we don’t give them regular pet food? We typically give them tuna, mixed with a little egg and sometimes vegetables, but not as many because they need animal-based proteins that are limited to poultry, rabbit, and fish (stuff they would normally encounter if they were not domesticated) and less carbs. It was recommended to us that their diet only be about 10% vegetables or fruits and 90% cooked poultry, rabbit, and fish. Also note that not all vegetables and fruits are safe. We only give them green beans, peas, bell peppers (except orange), broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, zucchini, apple, banana, blueberry, cantaloupe, mango, pear, strawberry, and watermelon. All vegetables are easier to digest when they have already been cooked and be sure to remove all rinds, skin, seeds, and pits where able with the fruits. Our cats like their food cold so we refrigerate it first. When we make a whole container of it, it normally lasts about a week since they are both kittens right now. We also use a cat supplement to give them the necessary nutrients that they cannot get from human foods. The supplement that we use is a spray-on supplement and is less than $10 a bottle. It lasts them months. Small cats need two sprays for every meal. Three sprays are required for larger cats (over nine pounds). There are also certain herbs that you can use to enhance their food. These include basil, catnip (acts as a sedative when ingested), chamomile (good for anxiety, abdominal cramps, ulcers, GI tract irritation, and skin abrasions), dandelion leaves (good for weight management), ginger (good for upset stomachs), mint, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, and valerian (unlike humans, this acts as a stimulant for cats).

We try not to make a habit out of telling other people what they should feed their pets. If you feed your pet a typical store-bought diet, that is your business and your choice. They are, after all, your pet. I just saw this article several weeks ago, thought it confirmed the choices we make for our cats, and thought that our way of doing things deserved to be shared with some information since people don’t usually feed their cats this way. I pray that this has been helpful to you.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

WWE Hell In A Cell VI Analysis

For the first time in forever (cue the “Tangled” music), I had a perfect record of predictions in tonight’s Hell In A Cell event. As I predicted, the Authority had an ace up their sleeve. I was wrong about what it would be, but the end result was the same. Dean Ambrose looked like he was about ready to put Seth Rollins’ head through cinder blocks like what Kane and Rollins did to him months ago. That is when the lights went out and the one of the creepiest things I have heard since that kid outside the cage at Extreme Rules came over the arena. The lights came on to find Dean Ambrose lying in the ring, victim of an attack by Bray Wyatt. The reason is unclear at this time, but what is clear is whether or not Wyatt was working in collusion with The Authority, he certainly tipped the scales in favor of Seth Rollins.

I also predicted that John Cena would win the number one contender spot over Randy Orton. I was right yet again, despite another amazing RKO by Randy Orton. Just when I think he can’t get any more creative with those or that I have seen the best one yet, he comes back with another one. This time he used the RKO as a counter Cena’s AA. I thought he actually had Cena beat there, but Cena came back to win. As tough as HIAC is, now comes the toughest fight of all: conquering “The Beast” and winning his 16th world title.

The Dust Brothers retained the WWE Tag Team Championship tonight over the Usos. Michael Cole claimed there was some underhanded tactics that went on behind the referee’s back. I do not agree since the referee had lost control of that match long before the kick happened that led to Goldust getting the pin. Their had not been a tag made for several minutes. It is one-sided to fault the Dust Brothers for getting the win in the midst of the chaos. It was simply a good team move by the best team there is right now.

Dolph Ziggler retained the Intercontinental Championship with his victory in the two out of three fall match with Cesaro. Alex Riley actually said that this match could be 2014 match of the year nominee. I don’t know about that, but I do know it was well worth watching. Congratulations to Dolph Ziggler. I still say that he is one big upset win away from getting into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture.

Big Show now joins Mark Henry and Jack Swagger on the list of Americans who tried to defend America’s honor and failed. Ironically enough, it is Mark Henry who helped cost Big Show the match I would argue. By coming down to the ring when Big Show asked him point blank not to do so, Mark Henry inadvertently caused the distraction that led to Rusev knocking Big Show out and getting the submission win when Big Show could not continue. I expect a renewing of the rivalry between Big Show and Mark Henry to come out of this eventually and the partnership to be broken up.

Once again, WWE Diva’s Champion A.J. Lee proved that there is no diva that can come close to touching her in the ring. She beat Paige in a one-on-one match with Alicia Fox outside the ring. The new besties, Paige and Alicia, are now former besties. Paige goes through friends like Renee Zellweger goes through faces. Meanwhile, A.J. just keeps on winning. I wonder where they are going to find some competition for her now?.

What many fans feared with the Bellas tonight did indeed happen. Nikki defeated Brie in a straight up match with no outside interference. Nikki wasted no time lording her new authority over her sister. It is going to be a long month for Brie and probably her husband Daniel Bryan since he will have to see all of this up close.

United States Champion Sheamus defeated the Miz, but as usual it was the Miz’s stunt double Damien Sandow--I mean Mizdow--that captured the attention of the WWE Universe in Dallas with his usual antics mimicking the Miz. Like I said before HIAC, Miz would be better off giving his title shot to Sandow since he actually has beaten Sheamus most recently. Miz’s ego would not allow that though.

I have one final thought before I reach the end of my analysis of tonight’s event. On the pre-show, Bo Dallas accused Dallas, Texas of sole responsibility for spreading Ebola. He then erroneously claimed he was incapable of getting it. I hope Bo Dallas’ arrogance does not cause him to have to eat his words one day. As for who is spreading Ebola, Washington D.C. has done the best job of making us more vulnerable to Ebola by ignoring the best solution: a travel ban on people who are from or who have recently visited West African countries where the outbreak is the worst. There, now I feel better. Good night and God bless.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hell In A Cell VI Predictions

Tonight, World Wrestling Entertainment presents Hell In A Cell VI from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. There is a double main event, with both of those being contested inside the dangerous Hell In A Cell cage, which has garnered a reputation as the most dangerous match in WWE. The first of these two HIAC matches features a bitter grudge match between former Shield partners Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. These two have given us some of my favorite matches of 2014, with my absolute favorite between them being that crazy lumberjack match back at Summerslam. This one certainly will not disappoint and may even surpass that wild battle. It would not be a stretch to expect to see blood spilled in this one with the hatred that exists between the two. HIAC legend Mick Foley said that Dean Ambrose would be more at home than Seth Rollins inside the cage. I think I would have to agree with that, but we also must remember that The Authority has Seth Rollins in their back pocket. That means anything could happen, from them planting people under the ring before the cage lowers to lifting it up just to allow help to come in for Rollins. With their deep pockets, it would surprise me if they bribed or threatened certain members of the talent roster to come down in defense of Seth Rollins should he get in trouble as I expect he will. For that reason, I am going to have to go with Seth Rollins in this one.

The second HIAC main event features a number one contender’s match between 15-time World Champion John Cena and Authority-backed Randy Orton. The winner will go on to face WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. If Cena wins and goes on to defeat Lesnar, he will tie Ric Flair for the World Championship record at 16. That is a big “if.” We are not there yet. First, Cena has to get by Orton. That is no easy task. Orton is a 12 time world champion himself. Cena and Orton have had many great battles over the years. Their latest big event match was at the Royal Rumble, where Orton defeated Cena. Orton also defeated Cena the month before at last month’s TLC when the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship were unified for the first time since 2002. This is another one that is almost too close to call, but I am going to give the nod to Cena on this one.

One of the title matches tonight will have the Dust Brothers, Goldust and Stardust, defending the WWE Tag Team Championship against the former champions who they took the titles from, the Usos on September 21 in Nashville. One thing that the Dust Brothers do not have going for them that they did have when they won the titles is the injury advantage. As far as I know, the knee injury that was so instrumental in them winning the titles will now be a non-factor. They are still a strange duo though. I expect this to be a good match with the Goldst and Stardust coming out on top, making Daddust proud.

The second championship on the line tonight will be the Intercontinental Championship when Dolph Ziggler takes on Cesaro. Dolph upset the Miz and traded the title back and forth with him a couple of times before sustaining this current Intercontinental Title run for a brief time. Cesaro’s career has floundered somewhat since leaving the Paul Heyman stable, which I hate to admit being a very ANTI-Paul Heyman guy. He has had a few title opportunities against Sheamus for the U.S. Championship, but has not been able to cash in up to this point. I think the same will be true tonight and Dolph will keep the belt. I have been waiting for Dolph to have that one victory that really propels him back to the top of the WWE and in line for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match. The current Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 10 has him coming in at number 6 in the WWE rankings.  A successful title defense tonight probably won’t put him in the number one contender slot, but a loss will set him back even further.

Big Show will defend the honor of the United States of America against the undefeated Rusev. I personally hope that he has success unlike Jack Swagger and his tag team partner Mark Henry before him. That is what I would like to believe, but I have gotten my hopes up about someone putting Rusev in his place by someone other than a guy who makes special appearances once or twice a year. So far, no current wrestler has been able to do it. As big and as strong as the Big Show is, I think he will come up short tonight (pun intended).

Now on to my most-looked forward to match of the night when A.J. Lee defends the Divas Championship yet again against her former “bestie,” Paige. These two have had some very short one-on-one impromptu title matches in the past. Of course, that would not count the triple threat encounter last month when A.J. took on Paige and Nikki Bella to get the title back. I predict and hope to see A.J. continue her winning ways and retain her “baby,” the Diva’s Championship, tonight.

Speaking of Nikki Bella, a most unusual stipulation hangs over the head of the Bella Twins tonight as Brie takes on Nikki. The winner in this sibling rivalry gets to have the loser as an “assistant” for 30 days. I can’t imagine what either one would make the other one do under those circumstances. Fortunately, it would not be anything like what Brian Pillman made Goldust’s ex-wife do in the month leading up to his death. Nonetheless, there is enormous amounts of humiliation on tap for the loser. Just like I expect to see the Authority have a trick up their sleeve for Seth Rollins’ match, I expect the same in this Bella battle. For that reason alone, I expect to see Nikki steal the win. Then I would not want to Brie Bella.

Finally, for the United States Championship, Sheamus will defend against the Miz. I expected the Miz’s loss of the Intercontinental Championship to provide a wakeup call about the inflation of his own self-worth, but apparently I was wrong. He still runs around talking about his money-maker. Then he has a stunt double who has had more success than the Miz himself lately. Instead of learning some humility, the Miz takes all the credit for “Mizdow’s” victories over Sheamus. The Miz does not even deserve this title match. If anyone does, it is Damien Sandow, the former Money In The Bank winner who almost beat John Cena last October for the World Heavyweight Championship. As usual, “should be” and what is do not match. Miz has the shot and, barring some major outside interference from Mizdow, will go down in defeat to the Celtic Warrior.

Ebola in the United States

The new big health scare in the world is Ebola and for good reason. It has been spreading quickly in West Africa. Just because the spread has not been as quick in the United States does not mean we should just take it easy or take solace just because we live in a state where there has not been a case of Ebola yet. There have been nine confirmed cases of Ebola in the United States since August 2 at the time this paragraph was written. Five are in treatment. Three have recovered. One has died. There have been nine more cases outside West Africa and the United States. Three of those have resulted in deaths. Altogether, there have been over 9.000 reported cases with the 2014 outbreak. Over 4,500 have died.

There is some conflicting information out there about the Ebola virus. This is especially true of the internet so it is hard to know who or what to believe. Ebola cannot be spread through the air like many other viruses. It can only be spread through infected bodily fluids. Symptoms of Ebola include fever, severe headache, muscle pain, weakness, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, and unexplained bleeding or bruising. Particularly frustrating is the fact that it can take up to three weeks for symptoms to start manifesting. You can get more information about Ebola here.

As of right now, there is no FDA approved medicine or vaccine for the Ebola virus. There has been some success with an experimental drug called ZMapp, which saved the lives of two American missionaries back in August. Kentucky BioProcessing produced the serum made from tobacco plants. It has not been FDA approved, but was allowed for experimental use because of the emergency nature of the situation. If more of this can be quickly produced and approved, there is hope that Ebola can be successfully fought. Until then, the main weapon against Ebola is boosting the immune system to make it as strong as possible.

The response to Ebola in the United States has been poor to put it nicely. I am not among the people who believe the government created the Ebola virus or HIV or anything else for population control or whatever else might be floating around out there on the web. However, the response to this has led to the Ebola virus coming to the United States when we could have easily prevented it. President Obama claimed that the chances were small that an Ebola would ever be here in America. This was after he claimed it was doubtful it would ever be here at all. And what has the President’s strongest response been to Ebola in the United States? He appointed a political aide with no medical background or experience as the new Ebola czar. The new Ebola Czar’s biggest claim to fame is being the Chief of Staff of former Vice President Al Gore and current Vice President Joe Biden. Even more puzzling is that Obama already had an Ebola Czar prior to appointing Ron Klain. Her name is Dr. Nicole Lurie. Her job is ““to help our country prepare for, respond to and recover from public health threats.” Wouldn’t Ebola fit in that category? Maybe we just need one more bureaucrat to solve our problems.

All of this is not to say the government has not done anything right in response to Ebola. Providing humanitarian aid to West African countries along with aid from charities and Christian organizations like Operation Blessing does help deal with the outbreaks in these countries to decrease the chances of more Ebola cases ending up here. The government also has a responsibility to track, apprehend, and detain individuals that either come from countries where the Ebola outbreak is prominent or are showing symptoms of a possible Ebola infection. One of the smartest things the government can do is something the President has repeatedly said he would not support. That solution would be imposing a travel ban on those West African countries where the Ebola outbreak has been the worst. This approach has already had success in Nigeria and Senegal despite the linked article’s objections. Uncommon sense dictates it would have success anywhere it is tried, but that is something our government nor many Americans who disagree with this course of action seem to have. That is why I call it uncommon sense.

From a biblical standpoint, we should not be surprised when we hear about Ebola and worse diseases. Jesus predicted things like these as one of the birth pains or sorrows leading up to the end times. “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places” (Matthew 24:7 NKJV). Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “pestilence” as “a contagious or infectious epidemic disease that is virulent and devastating.” That seems like a good description of Ebola, but if your hope is in Christ, there is nothing to fear and much to anticipate.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Redskins Owner Meets Navajo President

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder met with Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly during the Washington Redskins vs. Arizona Cardinals game. They discussed a franchise agreement between the Navajo Nation and the Washington Redskins to sell Navajo arts and crafts where the Redskins play at FedEx field and on the Redskins website.

There has been a lot of talk about the Washington Redskins name being offensive. Navajo President Ben Shelly sure does not seem to mind though. He wore a Redskins hat and has made a deal with the team to sell their stuff at Redskins games to better his people. That demonstrates real leadership by rising above all the artificial outrage to do what is right for the people you represent.

This whole ginned up controversy is stupid. A large majority of the American public and a majority of Indians support continued use of the team name. There have always been little pockets of people here and there that have expressed offense over the team name. The controversy did not really gain steam again until last year though thanks to the sports media making a mountain out of a molehill. I have said this many times before and will probably say it many more times. No one has a right not to be offended. This is not an American issue. This is a liberal issue in the latest battle of political correctness. It should be resisted by the Washington Redskins and their fans. This has to stop somewhere.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

WWE Flag Hypocrisy

The Big Show’s actions on last week’s Monday Night Raw were unnecessarily turned into an international incident by World Wrestling Entertainment. The Big Show pulled down the Russian flag that was hanging above the ring while Russian wrestler Rusev and his manager Lana looked on in anger. The pro-American crowd loved it. WWE management did not apparently. Management was issuing an apology early the next day. Then they added humiliation to their political correctness by telling the Big Show to go out and apologize to the Russian people who may have been offended.

I call WWE’s apology hypocritical. There have been numerous times in the past where flags and countries have been disrespected. WWE demanded no apology for those. Nikolai Volkoff used to sing the Soviet national anthem out of disrespect for the United States. The Iron Sheik used to say Iran was number one. Then he would spit when mentioning the U.S.A. Ron Garvin allowed the flag of Quebec to fall to the ground while doing the Garvin Stomp on Dino Bravo’s manager Frenchie Martin at Wrestlemania V. Hulk Hogan ripped the Iraqi flag to shreds during Wrestlemania VII. The Undertaker snapped a flag pole holding the Japanese flag over his knee at the 1994 Survivor Series. The Hart Foundation and a majority of their Canadian fans were horribly disrespectful to the United States and our flag during most of 1997. WWE cameras took several shots of a sign in the crowd during a 1997 Raw in Canada where members of the Hart Foundation were drawn standing up and urinating in front of the American flag. No apologies were issued or demanded by WWE. Muhammad Hassan’s short WWE career in 2005 was built entirely on anti-Americanism. No apologies were issued by WWE for any of these evented I have mentioned. These are all of the examples I came up with just off the top of my head. It is hard telling how many more incidents involving flags of different nations in WWE history there have been.

What has changed is the sickening political correctness culture that has poisoned the United States. Political correctness is in direct opposition to the First Amendment. Freedom of speech and expression is a cornerstone of the United States Constitution. No one has a right to live life unoffended. There certainly is not a right in the Constitution that demands we not offend each other. WWE’s over-sensitivity is just a symptom of a larger problem our country has in particular. We allow a select few to dictate what can and cannot be said. We allow a select few to determine what is and is not acceptable. This is also evident in the media’s ga-ga fest over homosexual NFL player Michael Sam. Another example is the stupid controversy over the Washington Redskins name. The hypocrisy of WWE in their demand for an apology over the Russian flag is just another in a long list of these PC national embarrassments that are helping to remake America into something it should never be. It’s even more sickening as a lifelong WWE fan to see this played out there.