Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best of 2014

January 6- Listening to my ‪‎Word Of Promise‬ Bible. Odd to hear Michael York reading Genesis when I saw him play the Antichrist in the TBN movies

January 23- I just had a chewy drink.

January 25- I can win at Madden! I can win at Madden! (still saying the same thing 11 months later).

February 11- Still seeing Puppy Bowl 10 commercials on the DVR. Just figured out why they bother me. The dogs were more competitive than the ‪Broncos‬.

February 19- I feel like we will be wandering for 40 years just to find a ‪Walmart‬ employee. I wonder if manna will fall once a day while we look?

March 18- When I heard Steubenville, Ohio, I thought it was pronounced Stupidville. I thought, “What an awful name.” Oops.

April 21- Shelby just named one of her baby dolls “Jumper.” I hope she never works for a suicide hotline.

April 26- Was sitting here trying to pick up crumbs off the floor till I realized it wasn't food, but part of the carpet.

April 27- I have "Do You Want To Build A Snowman" stuck in my head. I thought it was because we have seen "Frozen" so many times at first. Then I got out from under the blankets and realized it was because the conditions are right to build a snowman in here. I think the reason some scientists claim we can't find the polar ice caps is not because they are melting away. It is because they moved into our apartment while we were asleep. Holly just adjusted the heat so all should be well soon though

April 29- Knicks executive wants an all black basketball league if I read that right? How is that any less racist than what Donald Sterling got fined and banned for?

May 5- If Paige and Sheamus ever got married, they would have babies so white, they would have to get tans just to be considered pale.

May 9- What does Al Sharpton call a jail cell full of white people? A cracker box.

May 14- I just found out WWE Superstar Darren Young blocked me from his Twitter page. That is awesome. I am actually proud of myself for that.

May 24- Ray Allen could make three’s from the front row while eating a snack during that fourth quarter.

May 25- What a sorry attempt at propping up a below-average NASCAR driver just because she is a woman. She has one top five finish, never won a race in the United States and definitely not in Nationwide or Sprint Cup, and her average qualifying position is 22nd. There is no way beyond a Heaven-sent miracle that this woman has a shot at winning the Coca-Cola 600. I get that everybody wants to see a woman succeed in a "man's sport." I wouldn't mind seeing her do well myself. However, how about someone take the time and find a woman who is more than just a pretty face who actually has the talent to win. And if she indeed does have the talent to win (which she may eventually have), how about waiting until she actually does win before artificially boosting her.

June 27- Stardust looks and acts like a Bibleman villain.

June 28- Before judging a person, walk a mile in their shoes. Then you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.

June 28- What's worse? Unpleasant smell from a place nearby or the 5 year old that talks about how much the place stinks loud enough for all to hear? Something else funny happened while we were gone. A guy at Lowe's Foods looks at a rocking chair and goes "Is that made out of wood?" No sir, that's made of chocolate. Go ahead, take a bite.

July 13- Danica Patrick could win this race, if the 20 or so people in front of her run out of gas or wreck.

July 19- Hide-Go-Seek should be renamed “You Can’t See Me.”

September 9- Captain Planet he's a zero even though he wants to be a hero. Spray him with banned pesticide 'cause he's fighting on Rachel Carson's side ‪#‎DDT ‬‪#‎ThePowerIsYours‬

September 19- The ‪NFL‬ should replace the Washington ‪‎Redskins‬ with a new team called the Washington Criminals. It would end the controversy over the name. They could trade all players who don't have criminal records or pending charges for those who do. That way, these guys still have a chance to be in the league. And with the new name, the team could represent their city better and more accurately.

October 13- I was looking at a calendar for so long, it put me in a “days.”

October 30- Are the Oakland Raiders a football team or a comedy skit?

November 26- Indoor playground sound: “No climbing.” *Looks around at all the stuff built for climbing*

November 27- My Uncle David: “Is that ham kosher?” Shelby: “No! It’s from the store!”

December 25- No way. Christmas is trending! Who would have guessed?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thanksgiving according to a six-year-old

Painting of the Mayflower Compact in 1620 by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

I was talking to my daughter about the first Thanksgiving for one of her classes tonight. It was pretty good timing that we celebrated Thanksgiving last week and now we are coming to some stories in her Reading book about the first Thanksgiving. I found her account of the first Thanksgiving both good and, at certain points, amusing. I thought it would be fun to share that with all of you since I already posted Rush LImbaugh’s story of the first Thanksgiving last week. So here you are: Enjoy.

“First, they lived in London and worshipped God. They worked for Him. And then the king said, ‘Everybody goes to my church.’ But the Pilgrims did not do it. The Pilgrims kept doing what God wanted them to do. Then the King throwed some in jail and the Pilgrims said, ‘We need to find another land. That way we can talk about Jesus and not get into jail. They searched for a free place. There was no free place. And then someone said, ‘Let's go to America.’ America was a brand new place. And they went there and built their houses. It was still cold and snowing. Some of them got sick and some of them died. Then the Indians showed the Pilgrims the children who were picking grapes. They teached the Pilgrims how to fish. Soon they had a lot of food. They ate squash, pumpkin, turkey, and corn. They played games like Monopoly and the Headbandz game. There wasn’t any football. I don’t think they had parades back then either.”

She got a lot of the details right as you can see (She first called the Indians “Israelites” but then corrected herself). I am pretty sure they did not Monopoly or Headbands though. Black Friday would have been an interesting concept now that I think about it since they obviously had a Toys R’ Us to buy Monopoly and Headbandz. She was right on target with the most important stuff though. The Pilgrims did come here to worship God and escape religious oppression. They came here to be free. I am proud of her for understanding (and hopefully appreciating) this since so many are being taught falsehoods in our schools that lead them to not appreciate the roots of the country we became. I just wanted to share this with everyone like I said. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving last week and will have a very blessed Christmas as we thank God for the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Planned Parenthood's racial hypocrisy

Indiana Governor Mike Pence (photo courtesy of www.in.gov/gov/2358.htm)

An ironically humorous, and at the same time disturbing tweet was sent out today by Planned Parenthood. They claimed to stand in solidarity with the black community in the midst of all that is happening in Ferguson and ended with the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. This is ironically humorous because Planned Parenthood obviously ignores the far-reaching negative impact it has had on the black population in general. It is disturbing due to that very same impact.

Planned Parenthood is the largest single abortion provider in the United States. It also receives a large amount of federal funding. The organization received over $540.6 million in federal grants during the last fiscal year. They performed over 320,000 abortions two years ago. It is true that Planned Parenthood does more than provide abortion services. Federal funding is not allowed to go directly to covering abortions. That does not mean it has no effect on their ability to provide for abortions though. Former U.S. Representative and current Indiana Governor Mike Pence pointed this out many times while serving in Congress. “I would assume that most Americans would be surprised, if not shocked, to learn that the largest abortion provider in America is also the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X. There's no question that money that Planned Parenthood receives for its operational expenses from the federal government frees up resources that can be used to provide and promote abortions through its abortion clinics.” They can use their money to pay for their abortion clinics because they receive so much federal funding for their other activities in other words. Trying to excuse the fact that they provide so many abortions by pointing to everything else they do and saying that only 3% of their services are abortion-related does not make them any less guilty however.

This relates to their hypocrisy of saying “black lives matter” because the black community has been more harmed by the wrongful legalization of abortion in the United States than any other group. Abortion has truly been the American black genocide. Abortion accounts for more deaths in the United States black community than AIDS, violent crime, accidents, cancer, and heart disease combined (a total of over 16,000,000 since abortion was first allowed by the Supreme Court in 1973). That is because black women are five times more likely to have an abortion than white women. An average of over 1,800 black babies are murdered in the womb every day in this country. The American black population is 36% less than would it be without abortions.

This horrifying reality is no accident either.. 78% of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are in minority communities. I am sure they would claim this is because minority communities tend to struggle financially and therefore need the best access they can get to healthcare. That all sounds good if that is indeed what they would claim, but surely they are aware of the numbers just as the rest of us are. 12% of the American population is black. This same group accounts for over one out of every three abortions. I would also hope they would be aware of their own history, including the statements of Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger, who once said: “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” Planned Parenthood would cease all abortions immediately and just focus on the other positive support it provides if it truly believed black lives--or any other lives--mattered.