Monday, June 27, 2016

When praying for healing

When we come to God to pray for healing or anything else, it is important that we remember that we do not come out of any righteousness of our own because we have none. God’s Word says in Philippians 3:9 that we are right with God not because we followed the Law, but because of His faithfulness and the faith we have in Him. It can be very tempting to focus more on the problem than God, who is the only One with all power to solve the problem, but we have to remember that our hope comes not from anything we have, but rather His promises and His power. Quoting Jeremiah 17:14: When the LORD heals us, we will be truly healed. When the LORD rescues us, we are truly rescued, for He is the one we praise. God promises later in Jeremiah 30:17 that He will bring back our health and heal our injuries.

Jesus gave His first disciples the power to heal physical ailments and cast out anything that interferes with the proper functioning of the body. In Matthew 10:1, Jesus called His 12 disciples together and gave them authority to force out evil, defiling, unclean spirits and to heal every kind of disease and sickness. It is that power from the Lord that we call on and depend on when we need it.

It may feel like healing is not deserved because of being an unfaithful servant or feeling in some way like we just don’t measure up or are not important enough.. The truth is that we deserve nothing good from God because of our sinfulness. Every good gift we get from Him is a gift totally based on His mercy and grace, and nothing within ourselves except for the Holy Spirit that lives inside of us if we have trusted in Christ for salvation. You are God’s creation, but you are not God’s child until you receive Christ for yourself. John 1:12 promises that all who believe in and receive Christ have the power and authority to become children of God. God is holy and perfect. None of us except Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has lived a perfect, sinless life from beginning to end. So if you feel like you are undeserving based solely on your own merit, you’re right. It is not based on what you deserve, it is based on His faithfulness and His goodness.

If you need anything from the Lord, ask in faith for His power to invade your life in such a mighty way and deal with whatever problem you are having so that there is no question where the answer comes from when it comes. Call on that same power that Jesus gave His first disciples to force out any evil, defiling, unclean spirits that may be causing your ailment or other problem. Those spirits have no right or authority in the life of a Christ follower. If anything ungodly in your life could have opened a door for that spirit to take hold, renounce it and any ungodly works that may have been done that could have allowed an opening for you to come in and harm you. Again, those spirits have no authority, power, or place in the life of a true child of God that follows Christ.

So then what do we do if we have done all of that and complete wholeness still hasn’t manifested. The Apostle Paul could have faced this exact difficulty. He speaks about in 2 Corinthians 12:7-10. Paul says he begged and pleaded with the Lord three times to take a particular problem brought by a messenger of Satan and make it leave, but God told Paul that His grace was enough for Paul, that His grace was sufficient for all that was needed. Paul goes on to write that when we are weak, God’s power is made perfect in us. He not only accepted God’s answer, but he said he was very happy to brag about his weaknesses so Christ’s power could live in him because when he was weak, then he was truly strong. The follower of Christ who can keep that attitude of faith and thankfulness no matter what may come can never be defeated.

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