Tuesday, December 20, 2016

WallBuilders interview with George Barna

I listened to yesterday’s interview on WallBuilders Live with pollster George Barna. I didn't know until listening to that interview that Hillary Clinton said that nominating President Obama for the Supreme Court would be a good idea if she had won. What a disaster that would have been. President Obama has acted so many times in flagrant rebellion against United States Organic Law, especially the Constitution. The damage the Supreme Court has already done to the country and the authority they have already usurped would have been an even bigger disaster if it ever became a real possibility that Obama would have been on the Court, although Obama himself disregarded the suggestion on more than one occasion.

I obviously did not agree with the decision a lot of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ made to buy in to the whole binary choice, lesser of two evils argument in support for Trump (and I wouldn't change my mind if I had it do over), but this was interesting interview with George Barna about how support for Trump among self-identified Christians evolved during the campaign season. I also noticed Barna said that Ted Cruz "lost altitude" with conservatives after his campaign ended and he refused to endorse Trump at first. He didn't "lose altitude" with me until after he changed his mind and decided to support Trump.

Oh well. All this is hindsight, but I still find it interesting. George Barna does some great work and always has a handle on where the country is spiritually. The most important point made on this show was at the very end: "This certainly is an area where now Christians have to remain vigilant. We cannot sit at home and think, ‘You know what Trump’s there,’ and actually maybe because Trump is there we need to be even more engaged because he’s not someone that naturally inclined to lean the morally Biblical position. And so we’re praying that God puts great people around him. But as Christians we have to be vigilant and active and involved in this process and don’t check out now that Hillary is not there.” Our work as citizens is not over just because the election is over. The real work begins post-election. We can’t afford to be on the sidelines just because there’s not another national vote for two years in the 2018 midterm elections. The body of Christ cannot afford to be silent or inactive.

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